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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions usually asked by the Parents/Students

1. How does ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ help students / Parents?
You need to register first with ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ for availing our services. Once you register with us specifying your requirements, we will get back to you with the details of a few good tutors matching your specification. We will respond with the tutor details within a maximum of 3-4 working days.

2. How much will I be charged for availing the services of ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’?
You will have to make a one time non-refundable applicable registration payment one time. This amount is payable to 'Home Tuition Point Delhi' for availing our services. As stated above, we help you in identifying and providing a quality tutor in your city / town / locality.

3. Does it cover a part of the tuition fees / tutor charges for the year?
No, the registration amount is not a part of the tuition fees / tutor charges. The tuition fees / tutor charges, tuition timings, payment terms and mode of payment need to be discussed and settled directly with the tutor. * Please refer our Terms and Conditions page.

4. Does ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ negotiate and settle tuition fees on behalf of parents / students?
No, ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ offers that freedom and transparency to the parents / students. We do not enter into any yearly lock in contract with the parents. We also do not enjoy any hidden fee cut from the tuition fees charged by the tutor. Moreover, the tuition fees / tutor charges often varies basis the tutor’s experience, reputation, current rate in a city / town / locality etc.

5. How do I pay the registration fees to ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’?
You can either pay the registration fees through
Debit card
Credit Card
NEFT/Online Transfer
Direct bank deposit

6. The subjects / classes / boards / universities covered by ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ tutors?
We cover all subjects / classes / boards / universities, including special interest foreign languages.

7. Do you also refer tutors who take group / individual tuition at their home?

Yes, we do.

8. Do you or your referred tutor provide a guarantee of marks / grades?
‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ refers quality tutors only. However, the learning at school / college / University or during home tuition is completely unrelated to the performance in an exam. The exam results are dependent on various other external factors besides the tutor / tuition quality. The parental support & guidance, along with an enabling environment at home, plays a bigger role in student’s individual capacity building, creating the right attitude and building a desire to excel.

Questions asked by the Tutors

1. What is the eligibility criterion for registering as a tutor with ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’?
You should be at least a graduate for taking up assignments up to 10th standard. If you hold a Post Graduate Masters Degree and above, then you would be given a preference for taking up personal tuition assignments for higher secondary classes and beyond. * Conditions apply

2. What is the maximum number of assignments that I can take up at a time?
There is no upper ceiling on the number of tuitions / assignments leads / enquiries, which ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ will forward to you as a tutor if you are able to realistically manage them without compromising on the quality of your services.

3. Is ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ relevant for individual / group tutors operating from their respective homes?
Yes it is. We cater to all home tutors. Be it from their home or at student’s home.

4. The subjects / classes / boards / universities covered by ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ tutors?
We cover all subjects / classes / boards / universities, including special interest foreign language tutors.

5. Do tutors have to pay any registration fees ?
No we don't charge any fees from Home Tutors. We only charge one time registration fees from the parents only.

6. How many tutor references will i get as a parent ?
After the registration is done, Home Tuition Point Delhi will give you 2-3 references for any given inquiry.