How We Work

Home Tuition Point Delhi



Home Tuition Point Delhi works on a simple business model, which has proven to be successful for the past five years. It offers a greater visibility and exciting earning opportunities for the tutors having passion for teaching. We receive enquiries from the parents, who get to know about us from various sources like the internet, our website, social media, print advertisements, our marketing associates and the word of mouth references etc. We also understand from our teaching experience that each child is unique and has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. So, your flexibility to redefine your coaching style, backed by your relevant qualification and teaching experience, will help you earn more assignments.

Getting the assignments for tutors

  1. The moment ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ helpdesk receives an email or a genuine query call from the parents / students, a database search is initiated by our back office team.
  2. The registered tutor(s) matching the criteria, as specified by the parent and those operating within the area mentioned is / are informed about the requirement vide an  email and SMS, along with important student related information.
  3. Home Tuition Point Delhi’ will then arrange a meeting of the selected tutor with the parent / student, for a paid demo class, as per the convenience of all concerned.
  4. The tutor is free to discuss, negotiate and offer a reasonable, hourly / weekly / fortnightly and monthly rate directly to the parents.
  5. The tutor needs to give an advance notice of minimum 30 days to the parents and ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ if he or she wants to discontinue a particular assignment due to any reason.
  6. There are no restrictions on the number of assignments that we will share with each registered tutor.

Helping the students/parents

  1. Parents/ Students registering online with ‘Home Tuition Point Delhi’ will get a call from our helpdesk within 24 hours of their registration / realisation of payment. * This is not applicable on public holidays, weekends and in case of other unforeseen events beyond our control.
  2. Our back office team will immediately start the search process, after going through all the relevant details like class, location, subject, tutor requirements, timings etc.
  3. After short listing a tutor, our customer service representative will either call you or mail across the tutor details.
  4. They will help organize a meeting / free demo class at the earliest possible, as per the convenience of all concerned.
  5. You can directly negotiate the rates with the tutor and come to a mutual agreement with him / her on both the mode and the terms of payment.